National Leadership

AndyBernstein.jpgAndy Bernstein – Executive Director

Andy Bernstein helped found HeadCount in 2004, and became its executive director in the Spring of 2008. He spearheads the organization's fundraising, marketing, artist relations and strategic planning, under the guidance of HeadCount's board of directors.

Prior to creating HeadCount, Andy was best known in the music community as an author of "The Pharmer's Almanac", a guide to the band Phish that sold over 70,000 copies. He also was a full-time journalist for over a decade, primarily as media editor of Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal. He later was Vice President of U.S. Corporate Development at Kangaroo TV, a sports technology company based near Montreal, Quebec.

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marc brownsteinJacey Anderson – Director of Operations

Jacey Anderson is responsible for managing logistics, supplies, artist relations and other operational functions of the organization. She has also produced two benefit concerts for HeadCount netting over $100,000 in revenues. Jacey has spent the last several years...

as an artist manager and road manager of nationally touring acts focusing on tour operations, marketing and promotions. Prior to working in the music industry, Jacey was an analyst at the New York-based investment banking house Greenhill & Co., where she participated in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and private equity transactions. She is a 2000 graduate of the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce and currently serves on the school's Young Alumni board.

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marc brownsteinSebastian Freed – Outreach Director

Sebastian Freed joined HeadCount for the 2006 Midterms Matter tour as a Leadership Trainee. He coordinated logistics and supplies for the Northeast team and helped to register over 15,000 voters that summer. After the 2006 elections he moved to Thailand to teach English.

He spent over 15 months in SE Asia traveling through Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. When Sebastian returned to NYC he became immediately involved with HeadCount again assisting in grant proposals, political research and coordinating HeadCount events. He is now the fulltime Outreach Director and works at Headcount's first office in downtown Manhattan. He runs HeadCount's field team and oversees several other projects. Sebastian graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2006 with a B.A. in Political Science and Musicology. He now lives in NYC and enjoys ethnic cuisine.

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Jamie HuntsmanJamie Huntsman – Art Director

Jamie Huntsman joined the HeadCount team in 2006 as a designer, and has become an integral member of the team. She designed the branding scheme of HeadCount's "Midterms Matter Tour" that year and designed most of the visual materials associated...

with the June 2007 benefit concert featuring Bob Weir and RatDog. Most of HeadCount's brochures, t-shirts, posters and printed materials were designed by Jamie. When not volunteering her time and talents to HeadCount, Jamie earns her living as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Her artwork can be viewed at BitterSweetCreations.com. Jamie's client list includes High Sierra Music Festival, Relix Magazine, Jam Cruise, Langerado, and Lava World, Intl, amongst others. Jamie is a graduate of Mount Union College in Alliance, OH (her hometown) and resides in Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!) with her husband and dog, Tweezer. In her downtime, Jamie enjoys camping, kickin' out the jams on Guitar Hero, and criticizing primetime network television.

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RichardGehrRichard Gehr – Blog Editor

Richard Gehr is the editor of the HeadCount blog. He has been writing and editing about music – and many other things – for more than two decades. He arrived in New York during the early eighties to help edit Spin magazine and has subsequently written for Rolling Stone...

, The New York Times, Musician, Blender, Artforum, and countless other publications both living and archived. These days he writes mainly for the Village Voice, eMusic, Relix, and Oprah's magazine. In 1998 he co-authored The Phish Book with the fab Burlington quartet. He continues to free-lance from polyethnic Brooklyn, where he resides in domestic tranquility with his wife and two daughters.

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Kelley FergusonKelley Ferguson – Content Editor

Kelley began working with HeadCount as a volunteer in 2004 and has stayed involved with HeadCount over the years in one way or another. In late 2007 she took on the role of Nashville Team Leader. Over the summer, she took on the task of coordinating voter registration...

at colleges and universities all over the country. As the National Campus Coordinator, Kelley worked with a team of other HeadCount volunteers to get local HeadCount teams onto college campuses to do voter registration. Kelley graduated with a degree in Journalism from Middle Tennessee State University. She has recently moved to Oregon and continues with work with HeadCount as Content Editor. In her spare time, Kelley enjoys making jewelry, finding yummy new vegetarian recipes, doing almost anything outdoors, and finding new ways to get people involved in protecting and preserving the environment. She has recently moved to Oregon and continues with work with HeadCount as Content Editor. In her spare time, Kelley enjoys making jewelry, finding yummy new vegetarian recipes, doing almost anything outdoors, and finding new ways to get people involved in protecting and preserving the environment. Kelley graduated with a degree in Journalism from Middle Tennessee State University. She has recently moved to Oregon and continues with work with HeadCount as Content Editor. In her spare time, Kelley enjoys making jewelry, finding yummy new vegetarian recipes, doing almost anything outdoors, and finding new ways to get people involved in protecting and preserving the environment.

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Jenni KleinbaumJenni Kleinbaum – Field Project Coordinator

Jenni Kleinbaum has volunteered for HeadCount in a variety of capacities since 2004. She began volunteering in and around shows in NYC and various festivals in the US. She has helped with the logistics of festivals...

interacted with media, and executed and assisted in special projects including high profile photo shoots and fundraising events. In addition to her volunteer work with HeadCount, Jenni is a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. She graduated from Ohio State University in 1999 with Bachelors in Communication. Jenni has lived in New York City since 2001. In addition to her volunteer work with HeadCount, Jenni is a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. She graduated from Ohio State University in 1999 with Bachelors in Communication. Jenni has lived in New York City since 2001.

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Nicole Parisi SmithNicole Parisi-Smith – Nonprofit Coordinator

Nicole started with HeadCount by traveling with the Jack Johnson tour to oversee HeadCount's presence in the tour’s Village Green. Nicole previously served as a Washington, D.C. Team Leader, while working for Senator Barbara Boxer...

and the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. A graduate of Lehigh University and Pace Law School's Environmental Law Program, Nicole enjoys utilizing her educational and professional background to help non-traditional activists make a difference. She is also the the Artist Rep for Brett Dennen and acts as HeadCount's non profit partnership coordinator. A San Francisco resident, Nicole enjoys jogging barefoot on the beach with her dog, listening to Michael Franti and Spearhead, and attending ALO shows.

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David KesslerDavid Kessler – Project Coordinator

Dave Kessler joined the HeadCount team in the Summer of 2009 to help spearhead the ‘Music For Action’ project and coordinate all the licensing and for the participating bands on the Bonnaroo compilation. 

He resides in Boston, MA while being aware of HeadCount since its inception just actively started to participate.

Dave graduated from Rollins College in 2000 with a bachelor in psychology and got his masters in Music Business from the Berklee School of Music.  In 2002 he was a co-founder of the live concert recording division of Clear Channel, known as Instant Live.  Following this he helped develop the company Platinum Blue Music Intelligence that pioneered the ‘Music X-ray’ technology.

Dave’s passion is working with and seeing live music.  When he is not working he is seeing as many live acts as possible, discovering new music, and helping unsigned bands.  He is also an avid collector of live soundboards of many genres.

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AndyBernstein.jpgMarc Brownstein – Co-Chair

Marc Brownstein is best known as the bass player for the Philadelphia- based quartet The Disco Biscuits. The originators of "Trance-Fusion," a style of electronic rock fused with improvisation, the Biscuits are among the most popular touring acts on the HeadCount roster...

headling major concert venues such as the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ and the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Marc helped create HeadCount in 2004 when The Biscuits were not touring regularly, and was involved in every facet of the organization. Marc continues to be involved in all key decisions related to HeadCount, and serves as a liaison with other HeadCount-affiliated artists. Marc attended the University of Pennsylvania, with other members of The Disco Biscuits, and lives near Philadelphia with his wife, Deborah and two children.

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Jay CarbonJay Carbon – Director of Information Technology and Design

Jay Carbon has been a part of HeadCount since it was founded in 2004. He manages, designs, and develops HeadCount's public facing website, email and volunteer lists, online promotions, and HeadCount's Intranet. 

The HeadCount Intranet is a system built by Jay from scratch which tracks HeadCount events, volunteers, and other data important to the organization. He also contributes to HeadCount print designs. Jay currently works as a graphic design contractor for several government clients, including the NSF, FTC, NIDCD and NEI. He also does design work for several artists, including the Disco Biscuits. Check out his portfolio site at www.Atomic6Design.com. Jay is an Auburn graduate, and loves his SEC football. He hails from Washington DC and now lives in Denver, CO.

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Ellen RoccoJennifer Suh – Program Director

Jennifer Suh (@makeemsaysuh) joined HeadCount in early 2010 as the Program Director.

Jennifer has been involved with youth participation in electoral politics since 2004, working with a variety...

of groups including The League of Young Voters..., Young People For and Music for America. Jennifer also comes with experience working in socially conscious media such as The Village Voice and Air America. 

Jennifer is a Brooklyn resident. Currently she is one of the organizers for the Downtown Brooklyn chapter of Drinking Liberally and a volunteer at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Michigan. 

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Ellen RoccoEllen Rocco – Director of Human Resources

Ellen Rocco has extensive experience in the music industry with Korg USA and Putumayo World Music. As a Human Resources professional, Ellen helped spearhead HR initiatives within Headcount as it evolved from an all volunteer...

organization in the 2008 election year. Ellen also manages artist relations for the bands Ratdog, Santana, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Ellen holds a B.S. from Cornell University and lives on Long Island, NY. She has been to over 250 Grateful Dead (and family) shows, her touring days first dating back to 1978.

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Drew GranchelliDrew Granchelli – Director of Media Relations

Drew Granchelli coordinates media relations for HeadCount and serves as its in-house press contact. He also coordinates involvement from partner bands: Medeski, Martin and Wood, State Radio, STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)...

and The Disco Biscuits. After graduating from Washington, DC's American University in 2005, Drew found his way back to the Boston area - where he enjoyed growing up. Drew began working with HeadCount in 2007, and hasn't looked back since.Working with HeadCount has opened many doors for Drew in the music industry, and he is excited to find what's next - for himself and the organization. After graduating from Washington, DC's American University in 2005, Drew found his way back to the Boston area - where he enjoyed growing up. Drew began working with HeadCount in 2007, and hasn't looked back since. Working with HeadCount has opened many doors for Drew in the music industry, and he is excited to find what's next - for himself and the organization.

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Max WarmflashMax Warmflash – Video Production Coordinator

Max became a part of the HeadCount team in 2007 to help create an official training video for HeadCount volunteers.  As Video Production Coordinator he also helps out with any other video production projects that may arise.

 After seeing the preview for "A Call To Action"Max decided to reach out and lend his help to HeadCount in whatever way needed.  Max currently lives in the New York City/Northern New Jersey area where he works at Warmflash Productions, a full service post production company as Post Supervisor Assistant/ and Assistant Editor, as well as in various other positions in film and TV production and post-production. 

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Tappan VickeryTappan Vickery – Volunteer Coordinator

Tappan Vickery started volunteering with HeadCount in 2004 with her husband Morgan.  She was the San Francisco Bay Area Team Leader from 2008 to 2009 prior to moving to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Today Tappan works as the Volunteer Coordinator...

with the goal of building active teams of HeadCount volunteers across the country.  Tappan graduated from Golden Gate University with a MBA in Marketing in 2009 and from The University of the South with a BA in Philosophy and a Concentration in Women’s Studies in 2003.  Tappan is the principle and founder of Sustainable Foundations, a management and marketing consulting firm for start ups, small businesses and nonprofits.  Tappan is an avid lover of live music; listening and dancing has been her main form of recreation since her early teens.  You may find her at shows from coast to coast, where she’ll be happy to talk to you about HeadCount anytime!  Additionally, Tappan loves to cook, entertain and play with her pets Cooper and Ophelia.   

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Amy VadenPriya Bali Editorial Intern

Priya Bali joined HeadCount in August 2009 as an editorial intern. She edits various printed and online materials, and is also part of the blogging team, where she writes and promotes blog content to other websites and message boards. She is a 2009 graduate from the University of Michigan...

with a degree in economics and English and is a former Michigan Daily Writer. Go Blue! She enjoys traveling, writing, live music, and reading and learning about almost anything. She is proud to be a part of the HeadCount team and is excited about all the work that is being done to engage young people in democracy.

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Outreach | Regional Coordinators (RC)

Jessica BradleyCailin Boucher – RC (New England)

Cailin's first interaction with HeadCount was in 2004 when she registered to vote at the organization's table during a Dead show. She became a volunteer in 2007 when she felt the need to more actively encourage other young people...

to make their voices heard and utilize the right to vote. This year, Cailin is very excited to expand her role in HeadCount, becoming the Regional Coordinator for New England. Cailin graduated this spring from Fitchburg State College with a B.S. in psychology and a minor in fine arts. In the future, Cailin hopes to attend graduate school for art therapy where she can combine her passions for the arts and helping others. When not at a show, she can be found hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, drawing, or traveling.

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Chelsea FarrellChelsea Farrell – RC (Mid-Atlantic)

Chelsea Farrell began volunteering with a team of HeadCount All-Stars at All Good '07. That winter she began, and currently continues, as the coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic region. Originally from Albany, NY, Chelsea is currently living and attending...

law school in Jacksonville, FL.
Chelsea graduated in 2006 from American University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in political science and anthropology. As an undergrad, she studied in Egypt and Jamaica, and hopes to study abroad again in the near future. Chelsea is a vegetarian and an avid road cyclist, and she loves to engage in observable actions that curb environmental degradation.

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Andrew MolloyAndrew Molloy – RC (Northeast)

Andrew Molloy had his first field experience with HeadCount at All Good in 2007. Training with some of HeadCount’s finest members allowed for Andrew to look to the future with determination of helping to further HeadCount’s success. Andrew has been the Regional Coordinator...

in the Northeast since Spring 2008. Andrew currently manages the outlet store for central Pennsylvania’s largest shoe retailer, Secret Sneaker. Since the 7th grade, Andrew has been in a band called Frisbitar. The band plays gigs in the Lancaster and Philadelphia area and can be found on myspace. With deep and long time ties to music and the music industry as well as formal education in business management, Andrew hopes to pursue a rewarding career tied to the music industry. Andrew was a 2007 graduate of Millersville University and maintains a home base in Lancaster, PA.

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Ariel RosembergAriel Rosemberg – RC (Southern)

Ariel, as the SE Regional Coordinator, is new to the Headcount team. He graduated from Florida State University in spring of 2006 with a degree in English and minors...

in Communications and Spanish. Ariel is currently employed by a sustainable building material manufacturer in Atlanta, GA.

His first encounter with Headcount was during moe. at Bonnaroo in 2004. The idea behind the Headcount concept must have been great considering the reaction the band received from everyone gathered at the main stage. Ariel brings to his role a love for live music and eagerness to allow folks to utilize their right to vote.

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how do iDan Conroe - RC (Upper MidWest)

Dan Conroe started out with HeadCount as Boston’s team leader in 2004.  He has since worked on HeadCount’s marketing team and has led teams of volunteers at the Bonnaroo and Wakarusa festivals.  Dan recently received an MBA from the University of Illinois and...

remains interested in marketing and not-for-profit organizations. Previously, Mr. Conroe worked as a stock options trader in Chicago and Boston.  Dan is currently living in Chicago and looks forward to seeing you at the HeadCount table.

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Chelsea FarrellEmily Hillerman – RC (Mountain West)

Emily had her first festival experience at Caribbean Holidaze 2007, and it was the friendships she made in Jamaica that led her to start volunteering with Headcount in April 2008. She grew up in a rural Missouri town, about an hour outside of St. Louis, where she still has to take....

unpaved roads to get to her family’s farm She graduated from Truman State University in 2006 with degrees in English, Philosophy, and Religion, and a minor in Psychology. She moved to Denver in September 2006 for a job with FlightSafety Services Corp, where she is currently contracted by the Navy to develop training courseware for the T-6. Emily loves any outdoor activity, and it is her passion for travel that drives her to take at least two international trips a year.

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Shane TurnageShane Turnage RC (Midwest)

Shane joined HeadCount's National leadership in 2008, taking on the role as the Midwest Regional Coordinator after volunteering for the organization in the summer of 2007. Shane finished his M.A. degree in Political Science at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

His research was centered on the provision of a "democratic education" to today's youth in order to empower them with the civic knowledge to function effectively as tomorrow's citizens. Shane's passion for political education led him to begin work on a Ph.D. in Political Science in August 2008, specializing in Political Theory and Public Policy Issues.

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Laura ScaletLaura Scalet – RC (West)

Laura joined HeadCount in 2004 as a field volunteer in the Midwest and in 2008 she became the team leader for the Seattle area.  In late summer of  2009 she accepted the West Coast Regional Coordinator postion and is excited about her new role within the organization. 

In addition to rocking out with HeadCount at live music events across the country, Laura is also finishing up her undergraduate degree in Sustainability and Justice at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

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Outreach | Team Leaders (TL)

Abby BrazinaAbby Brazina – TL – Philadelphia, PA

Abby first learned about HeadCount at a Disco Biscuits show in 2008. As an 8th grade History and Civics teacher, Abby sees volunteering for HeadCount as the perfect way to extend the ideas of civic responsibility stressed in her classroom to the real world.

Abby recently started a residency for. HeadCount at the World Café Live in Philadelphia. When she's not teaching 8th graders about their unalienable rights, Abby can be found biking the roads of suburban Philadelphia.

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Acacia HuddleAcacia Huddle – TL – Orlando, FL

Acacia Huddle joined HeadCount in March 2008 as the Team Leader for the Central Florida area.  In addition to volunteering with HeadCount, Acacia is an adjunct faculty member at Brevard Community College (BCC) in the Communications department.  She also teaches English at Palm Bay High School.

Acacia is originally from Ohio and received her B.A. in English from Ohio State in 2002. Go Bucks! In 2004, Acacia received a Master of Arts in Teaching Language Arts from Miami University. She now resides in Melbourne, and is happy to be a newlywed.

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Amanda BrewingtonAmanda Brewington – TL – Lansing, MI

Amanda began working with HeadCount as the Michigan Team Leader in summer 2008 after meeting HeadCount's team at the Rothbury Music Festival. She wants to get people in MI out to vote! A native of Michigan, Amanda now lives in Lansing and graduated from MSU in May of 2008.

She spent five years involved with Impact 89 FM, her college's radio station, promoting local music on her show, The Basement. She is currently working as the member services coordinator for the MSU Student Houseing Co-op and working on music licensing and research at a production house in Lansing. She loves to support the local music scene and planning upcoming shows. She hopes to see you out on the dancefloor.

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Andrew EstesAndrew Estes – TL – Louisville, KY

Born and raised in western KY. Now pursuing the American dream In Louisville, KY. Andrew first found out about HeadCount at a concert in the summer of 2009. Wanting to find his niche in civic responsibility, he became the Louisville, KY Team Leader in March of 2010.

He believes it is crucial for generation "x" and "y" to speak up and be heard, because it is our future that depends on it. Health Care Reform, Food and Farm Policy, and Human Rights are some of the issues in society that are of most importance to his political views.

Andrew works in the interior design business and holds the flooring chair in the River City BNI chapter of Louisville.  "Green" flooring products is something that Andrew and his company, Sam Kinnaird's Flooring, proudly specializes in.

Known to his friends as "Brubble," in his spare time he enjoys: UK Basketball, Steelers Football, music, friends, family and fantasy sports.

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Ashley ShawAshley Shaw – TL – Cleveland, OH

Ashley first joined the HeadCount team in Los Angeles surrounding the 2008 presidential election. With hopes of continuing her involvement with HeadCount after relocating to Cleveland, she soon found the organization did not yet have a presence in the city.

Ashley is excited for the opportunity to bring HeadCount to Cleveland as the region’s Team Leader.

After graduating from Ohio University in 2007 with a degree in Organizational Communications and Media Studies, Ashley accepted a position working as a video game publicist in Los Angeles.  She soon found she missed the seasons (yep, all four of them!) and decided to move back to her hometown to attend graduate school at Cleveland State University. She is currently working towards a degree in Urban Studies and Economic Development with plans of starting a non-profit organization in Cleveland.

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Brian WeinsteinBrian Weinstein – TL – Atlanta, GA

Brian Weinstein started out as a field volunteer in May of 2009, He enjoyed his experience so much later in the year he was offered a team leader position for Atlanta and happily took the initiative to lead the area. Brian graduated in May of 2008 from Kennesaw State University with a business degree in marketing.

Since graduation he has worked as salesperson for a jewelry wholesale company. At an early age Brian learned to play various musical instruments including guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, and ukulele. His passion for music and live concerts grew over the years and has attended over 20 music festivals, and hundreds of concerts. Brian also has a passion for politics and freedom and having the opportunity to help change the future by helping people get involved in the political community is one of his greatest joys. At the young age of 25 Brian is enjoying living life to the fullest.

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Brittany SchweikerBrittany Schweiker – TL – Albany, NY

Brittany first learned about HeadCount in 2005 and was quickly intrigued by the ideas and initiatives it represented.  After escaping the suburbs, tans and blowouts of New Jersey to attend college in Upstate New York, she independently booked and promoted concerts and events around her small college town.

Brittany went on to work for a licensing and publishing firm in NYC, but soon realized that her true passions still lay within the live music sector of the business. She has since moved back upstate to an apartment in downtown Albany, and works as an office manager and freelance writer for local publications.  

When she’s not busy with work, Brittany can be seen at local shows or running through Washington Park. A self-proclaimed beer "snob", she also enjoys touring breweries throughout the US. Brittany loves to sing, read and write as much as she can fit into her schedule as well.

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Celia Stephens and Yancey GregoryCelia Stephens and Yancey Gregory – TL – Nashville, TN

Celia and Yancey both got involved with HeadCount in the life-changing summer of 2008, when Celia worked as a traveling team leader for the Dave Matthews Band and Yancey toured as a team leader with STS9 and Umphrey’s McGee. After moving from Columbia, S.C.,

in 2009, they took on Nashville co-Team Leader roles and have since reveled in all the great shows coming through Music City! Yancey is a high school teacher, Celia is a server/grad student, and they have an amazing East Nashville rescue mutt named Baxter.

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Chris ReedChris Reed – TL – Washington, DC

Chris Reed joined HeadCount in early 2009. An itinerant traveler, he found himself relocating to the Washington, DC, area in 2004 to start a job at the Environmental Protection Agency. His first time living near a city with a vibrant music scene, Chris was easily seduced by the allure of DC nightlife.

Through a convoluted career path that involved managing a Taco Bell, teaching English in Japan, bartending in a country club, professionally advocating for sustainable seafood and now, working for the man, the one constant has been his love of music. Chris has a BA in Asian Studies from Oklahoma City University and a MA in International Environmental Policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He resides in Fairfax, VA, with his two canine companions.

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Clay MurrayClay Murray – TL – Richmond, VA

Clay Murray grew up in Southwestern Virginia on a fourth generation family farm in Botetourt County where his family continues to make apple cider and apple juice made from locally grown apples. After graduating from James Madison University in 2004 with a BS in Industrial Design,...

Clay returned home to work at the family farm and market the local product throughout the South Eastern United States. He frequented the local farmer's market learning the ropes engaging complete strangers about a meaningful topic. Three years later, he tried his hand at a presidential campaign as a field organizer in both South Carolina and Virginia with very positive results. Combining these two life experiences and a natural instinct to root for the underdog, he strives to create more long term opportunities for small farms as our society learns the values of sustainability and the necessity of healthy foods. Clay joined up with Headcount in 2009 and is proud to be able to once again team up two of his other passions, rock-n-roll shows and civic engagement.

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Crystal BryanCrystal Bryan – TL – Atlanta, GA

Crystal started with HeadCount as a field volunteer in the summer of 2008, and is excited to be the Atlanta Team Leader. She graduated from Georgia State University in May 2009 with a B.B.A. in Hospitality Administration and plans to pursue...

event management with a focus on the live entertainment industry. Crystal also volunteers with the American Liver Foundation helping voice the importance of organ donation as well as interns for Shimon Presents, a publicity, promotions, and grassroots marketing company working with numerous bands and events around the country. She was also recently accepted to the Disney College Program for a concierge role and is currently living in Orlando to work at Disney World through January 2010.
Crystal is enthusiastic and passionate about music, event planning and is actively involved with helping to maintain a clean environment both in her home and community. Since her internship with the Captain Planet Foundation in 2007, she has become a lead event volunteer where she now plays a key role in annual fundraisers, represents the Foundation at festivals and events, and also teaches environmental literacy to youth at leading environmental fairs and expos in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Dave CampbellDave Campbell – TL – Chicago, IL

Dave Campbell joined the Headcount team in 2008 as a volunteer, and became a Team Leader for Chicago in 2009.  In 2008, Dave graduated with a BA in Sociology from Eastern Illinois University.  Since then, he worked with several non-profit organizations as both staff and volunteer. 

Live music and social activism have been a dominant part of Dave's life, so Headcount was a great fit.  Growing up in the Chicago area, it was a natural transition to take on a leadership role for Headcount in Chicago.  Dave has enjoyed meeting new people, seeing lots of live music, and being part of a movement that encourages members of the music community to become more involved in the political process in this country.  Dave can be found at the Headcount table of many Chicago area shows. 

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Ashley DavisElizabeth Ashley Traveling Team Leader

Liz Ashley was born and raised outside of Chicago. She jumped on the road when she was eighteen years old, and never looked back! She joined HeadCount in 2008, registering voters coast-to-coast as a traveling team leader.

She is currently on tour with Ratdog representing HeadCount’s 2009 “What’s your Issue?” campaign. Liz graduated in 2007 at the top of her class with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. She then packed her car and moved out to Philadelphia, and now calls the northeast home. When not on the road, Liz works as a Registered Nurse, specializing in women’s health and home health care. She continues to love the road, and travels wherever the music takes her.

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Ethan RobbinsEthan Robbins – Festival Team Leader

Ethan graduated in May 2008 from Oberlin College in Ohio where he double majored in East Asian Studies and Creative Writing, concentrating in the Chinese Language and poetry, respectively. He has worked with HeadCount since the summer of 2007...

beginning as a volunteer at Mountain Jam and Gathering of the Vibes, and then as a Touring Representative following the Dave Matthews Band for the summer of 2008. This past summer Ethan helped lead the Team at Bonnaroo.  Outside of HeadCount, Ethan's biggest passion is music. Beginning at four years old, he began to study the classical violin, and at 14, started to teach himself the guitar. At Oberlin, he was in a number of bands, ranging from an acoustic trio performing original folk and bluegrass music in coffee houses, to a Grateful Dead cover band that plays house parties. Ethan recently relocated to Boston, MA.

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Hannah ForncesHannah Fornces – TL – Raleigh, NC

Hannah started volunteering for HeadCount in early 2008 and is excited to be Raleigh's new Team Leader. She is currently a senior in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Agricultural Business Management at North Carolina State University. When Hannah isn't studying how to save the earth you...

can find her catching live shows, knocking on doors for various local candidates, or interning at the North Carolina Solar Center. Hannah enjoys good music, environmentalism, the Grateful Dead, grassroots organizing, playing outside, vegetarianism, traveling, and listening to NPR.

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Lisa WhitakerHolly Bowling – TL – San Francisco, CA

Holly began volunteering with HeadCount during the summer of 2008 after getting excited about the 2008 presidential election.  Holly is a music teacher and is currently studying classical piano at San Francisco State University. 

She is passionate about local food, community gardens, and changing our farm and food policy.  Holly moved to California from New Hampshire in 2003 and lives in San Francisco with her husband Jeffery (also a team leader in San Francisco) and awesome dog Soren.  She loves seeing live music and is excited to combine the energy and community at shows and festivals with working to help people take an active voice in their government.

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Jackie OrlandoJackie Orlando - Team Leader - New York, NY

Jackie Orlando started volunteering for HeadCount in the summer of 2009 after being introduced to the organization by her roommate and fellow NYC Team Leader Cassie Levine.

She first became interested in politics and volunteering in 2004 after working at the Democratic Convention in Boston, MA.

Jackie recently graduated from NYU with a degree in Media, Culture and Communication. She loves live music and hopes to one day work in the music industry. She also enjoys socializing, meeting new people, and taking advantage of all that New York City has to offer. 

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Jason GershunyJason Gershuny – TL – Portland, OR

Jason likes to think of himself as a living balance of contrasts. A strong-willed New Yorker by birth, Jason has found his niche in the laid back Pacific Northwest, calling it home for the last six years. By day he’s a responsible teacher and role model to high school students,...

but by night he’s a live music fanatic who loves to dance full throttle. He’s a devoted political junkie who’s spent countless hours reading anything and everything with a political angle, but is also a complete nerd when it comes to movies like "The Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars." If you see him out at a show, dance on up next to him and ask him to demonstrate his impressive Wookie yell. Jason believes that if variety is indeed the spice of life, he’s living a well-seasoned existence.

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Jeffery BowlingJeffery Bowling – TL – San Francisco, CA

Jeffery first volunteered with HeadCount at the Outside Lands festival in 2008. After being heavily involved with the 2008 presidential election, Jeffery is excited to be taking a more active role in political issues by serving as a team leader for the Bay Area.

Jeffery has a BA in Philosophy & Religion as well as a MA in Philosophy from San Francisco State University. He is also a senior manager at Touchstone Climbing which has five indoor rock climbing gyms in Northern California. If he is not working the HeadCount table at a Bay Area show, he's more than likely on Phish tour.

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Jesse CampbellJesse Campbell – TL – Columbus, OH

Jesse first became aware of HeadCount after registering to vote at the HeadCount table during a 2008 music festival in Ohio. He immediately became interested in the organization after viewing the HeadCount documentary "A Call to Action" and hearing Bob Weir say ...

"If every Deadhead in the state of Florida would have voted on Election Day in 2000, we would be living in a very different world...Think about it." Jesse did think about it and immediately began volunteering at local shows to help drive voter registration for the 2008 election, including serving as a team captain on the fan-to-fan phone campaign. In 2009, he became the Team Leader for Columbus, OH. Jesse currently resides in Ohio where he earned his B.A. in Psychology from Ohio University. His interests include reading, traveling, nature, playing guitar and listening to the music of the Grateful Dead. Jesse would love to know "What's Your Issue?"

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Jessica BradburyJessica Bradbury – TL – Cincinnati, OH

Jessica Bradbury is a Cincinnati native who has been involved with local music most of her life.  After moving to Upstate New York she discovered Headcount at moe.down. She worked a couple of shows in New York and then moved back to Cincinnati where she is now a Girl Scout Leader and Cheerleading coach at her children's school.  She is really excited to start her first year as a Team Leader for HeadCount.


Julia JudgeJulia Judge – TL – Boston, MA

Julia became the Boston Co-TL in the summer of 2009, after working many fun and successful shows in Boston in 2008. She loves music and politics and wanted to get involved before the election, so naturally HeadCount was the perfect organization for her! Currently, she is in her third year at...

Northeastern University, where she majors in sociology and minors in human services and Spanish. As of now, she is on her first co-op with NU working for an organization that provides services to adults with autism, and she hopes to do more work in the mental health field. She also works part-time at Bertucci's (gotta love those rolls!) Last semester she volunteered with Horizons for Homeless Children at a domestic violence shelter, and loved every second! She also enjoys singing, reading, soccer, live music and a nice and heated political debate. Oh, she also is a hopeless trashy TV show addict.

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Kaya Okuniewski Kaya Okuniewski – TL Los Angeles, CA

Kaya began volunteering for Headcount in May of 2009, and shortly after recognizing the organizations effectiveness and potential, joined Headcount as a Los Angeles Team...
Leader in November of 2009. She heard about Headcount from a her good friend Liz O'Donnell, a Boston Team Leader who thought Headcount was exactly what she was looking for, something that satisfied not only her passion for politics, but also for music. Both of these interests were inspired by her mother and father who immigrated to America in the midst of a destructive communistic government in Soviet-occupied Poland. She is currently attending University of California, Los Angeles and majoring in Political Science in hopes of making a difference in America's political future. Kaya interns at the General Consulate of Poland, Los Angeles, and works as a part-time associate. She also enjoys reading, creative writing, and supporting and attending her friends and idols live concerts.

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Keely Gerhold Keely Gerhold – TL – San Francisco, CA

Keely first heard of HeadCount while volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation at Jack Johnson’s Village Green during the summer of 2008. She was stoked about the work HeadCount was doing and is excited she can now merge her love of music, politics and activism as a San Francisco TL.

After graduating with a BA in English Literature from of the University of Minnesota and living in the great city of Minneapolis, Keely headed west to San Francisco where she has actively become involved in the community. Keely grew up on a farm in South Dakota, instilling her love for the earth and for family. She plans to attend graduate school in the future for Environmental Studies to continue learning about affecting change. Keely loves live music (especially outdoor festivals), traveling extensively, reading, the beach, bookstores, sports, trees, exploring and friends. Shout out to the fam and great friends for always believing.

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Kevin Wick Kevin Wick – TL – Minnesota, MN

Kevin began volunteering for HeadCount during the 2008 election. He is very excited to be the new HeadCount Team Leader in Minnesota where he can continue to channel his passion for live music and political action. When he is not busy registering voters at concerts and festivals, you will find him playing mandolin in local bluegrass and jam bands, or enjoying the outdoors with his family.

Kristie FreedKristie Freed – TL – St. Louis, MO

Kristie joined HeadCount in 2008 after learning about HeadCount through the Dave Matthews Warehouse Club when purchasing tickets for the summer tour, and saw an opportunity to get involved in voter registration.  She has been employed with a local Chamber of Commerce as their Communications...

and Events Director for the last five years.  She is responsible for creating and maintaining business and community driven events, as well as recruitment and management of their volunteer base.  Kristie volunteers her time with many local organizations including Safe Kids St. Charles County, Disabled Athlete Sports Association and currently co-chairs the local “Olde Tyme Picnic” which draws over 40,000 in attendance each year.  She enjoys being active in her community and attends concerts as frequently as she can.  She met her husband at the local Homegrown Festival in 1996 and has been happily married for ten years and has two children.

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Kelly CalhounKelly Calhoun – TL – Denver, CO

Kelly began volunteering for HeadCount in Raleigh, NC; with a passion for getting the American youth demographic as much involved as possible in the 2009 election. She was raised in the creepy mountain town of Frostburg, MD; and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2003 to attend college.

After graduating from NC State University with degrees in Communication Media/Film Studies and minors in Art + Design and Parks Management; she relocated to study and practice Reiki Therapy in Denver, CO and was very fortunate to have the opportunity became the Denver Team Leader. She enjoys participating and creating all aspects of pastiche Art and live music. Kelly is very passionate about HeadCount and all positive progressive politics. Denver Represent.

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Liz O'DonnellLiz O'Donnell – TL – Boston, MA

Liz joined HeadCount in August of 2008 as the Boston Team Leader. She happened across a HeadCount banner on Pearl Jam's website one day and the rest is history. Liz is currently in her third year at Boston University's College of Communications.

She is set to graduate with a BA in Public Relations in 2010, and hopes to also minor in Occupational Therapy.

In high school, Liz missed the 2004 election by one year and one day, and since then has been waiting impatiently for her first chance to vote. A huge believer in the power of the youth vote, Liz has lead student government and joined the campaigns of national candidates to stay politically active while she waits for November 4th. In addition to HeadCount, she also works as a full-time Public Relations intern, a part-time sales associate, plays hockey, and rides horses.

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Lisa WhitakerLisa Whitaker – TL – Lexington, KY

Lisa joined HeadCount in 2008 as the Team Leader in Kentucky and quickly found HeadCount was the perfect mix of activism and good times. In addition to being an outlet for civic engagement, it serves as a fix for her live music addiction. Lisa's day job is in Employer Relations for the...

public pension system in Kentucky. Kentucky born and raised, Lisa earned her BA in English at Georgetown College. 

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Michelle StaffordMichelle Stafford – TL - Baltimore, MD

Michelle Stafford began volunteering at local shows with HeadCount in April 2008. Shortly after seeing the effectiveness and widespread influence of the organization first-hand, Michelle decided to take the position of Baltimore Team Leader in hopes of creating a strong and...

thriving volunteer base in her home community and having an impact at upcoming music festivals. Michelle works as the Middle School Program Coordinator at Students Sharing Coalition, a grassroots non-profit in Baltimore City whose mission is to promote civic engagement and meaningful service-learning opportunities among inner-city youth. She teaches a service-learning curriculum to seventh graders and facilitates a service oriented after school program. Michelle received her B.A. in English and Creative Writing Poetry certificate from Dickinson College in 2007 and currently lives in Ellicott City, MD.

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Melissa BrennanMelissa Brennan – TL – New York, NY

Melissa is a writer working as a freelance theater electrician in New York City.  She attended Bradford College, where she studied under David Crouse, and SUNY Purchase, and is an alumna of The Juilliard School's Professional Intern Program. She has also assisted on the successful re-election campaign...

for then State Senator Bill Finch of Connecticut. It was when working with Finch that Melissa found a passion for working within her community and engaging people in the democratic process, which eventually lead her to HeadCount. Melissa also enjoys live music, kayaking, gardening, crocheting and celebrating her friends.

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Michael SimonMichael Simon – TL – Chicago, IL

Michael Simon joined HeadCount in 2008, and is excited to be leading the Chicago, Ill., team. He first became aware of HeadCount in 2004 when he registered to vote at a Phish show in the Midwest. Michael graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 2006 with a BA in public policy...  

He is currently working for C.H. Robertson. In his free time, Michael enjoys jamming with friends, traveling, and downhill skiing.

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Mitchell BurdettMitchell Burdett – TL – Seattle, WA

Mitchell started volunteering with HeadCount in 2008, and stepped up his involvement in 2009 as the co-TL for the Seattle/Puget Sound area. Outside his involvement with HeadCount, Mitchell is involved with the glass art world. With Olympic Color Rods...

, he coordinates closely with artists around North America to ensure they have supplies to complete upcoming projects. In addition to OCR, he is part of the Denny Park Fine Arts team, which provides maintenance and cleaning of Chihuly artwork around the world. Born and raised in western North Carolina, Mitchell attended The University of the South in Sewanee, TN. He graduated in 2004 with a major in sculpture, as well as a minor in German. His free time is consumed by concerts (duh), disc golf, skiing the great NW, and grillin-n-chillin.

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Margaret HidenRyan Getz – TL – Denver, CO

Ryan Getz has been volunteering with HeadCount in the Denver, Colorado area since 2007 and stepped into the Team Lead position early in 2010. A live music fanatic & supporter of grassroots political activism, he once worked 11 HeadCount shows in the span of 14 days!

Ryan grew up in Iowa and held the Democratic Caucus Chair for his county at the age of 19. Once Iowa got boring he went on to attended the University of Kansas for Religious Studies. After doing STS9/East Coast Festival Tour in the Summer of 2007, Ryan headed out west & posted up in Golden, Colorado to pursue a career as a freelance web developer. When not volunteering with HeadCount, Ryan can be spotted camping in the Rocky Mountains, enjoying many of the fine local breweries in the area & hanging out in the Red Rocks parking lot (which is 5 mins from his house!)

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Sam CalvertSam Calvert - TL - Eugene, OR

Jackie Orlando started volunteering for HeadCount in the summer of 2009 after being introduced to the organization by her roommate and fellow NYC Team Leader Cassie Levine.

She first became interested in politics and volunteering in 2004 after working at the Democratic Convention in Boston, MA.

Jackie recently graduated from NYU with a degree in Media, Culture and Communication. She loves live music and hopes to one day work in the music industry. She also enjoys socializing, meeting new people, and taking advantage of all that New York City has to offer. 

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Margaret HidenShari Beth Katz – TL – Miami, FL

Shari Beth has been clipboarding for HeadCount since 2004 and formerly served as our Chief Financial Officer in New York. She moved to Miami in 2008 and is now excited to help let South Florida’s voice be heard. A Columbia University graduate, Shari is an anti-money laundering specialist and serves as Compliance Officer for a money transmission service.

Scott KaplanScott Kaplan – TL – Carbondale, IL

Scott is currently serving as the Carbondale team leader. He started serving HeadCount as a volunteer during the 2004 election and became Iowa team leader after moving to Ames, IA for graduate school. In 2008, he served as team leader in his hometown of Chicago. His greatest passions are people,...

music and making a difference in larger macro-systems. He has high energy and a pension to canvas the lot for unregistered voters and people looking to make their voice heard. Recently, Scott got his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Iowa State University and landed a job as a staff therapist at the Southern Illinois University counseling center in Carbondale, IL. From the east coast originally, he used to call himself a displaced city boy but is now getting used to the joys of country culture.

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Lisa WhitakerTazewell Jones – TL – Washington, DC

Tazewell Jones joined the HeadCount team in the late summer of 2009 as the Team Leader for Washington, DC. Taz is currently a senior at American University studying Political Science and Criminal Justice. A long-time fan and avid supporter of live music, Taz has found quite a comfortable...

home at HeadCount, where he's able to combine his two greatest interests in life: live music and politics. HeadCount shows offer Taz an amazing opportunity to reach out to like-minded fans of live music in order to spread awareness of the importance of political engagement on all subjects and from all walks of life.

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Tim McCormickTim McCormick – TL – Boulder, CO

Tim McCormick joined Headcount in March of 2008 as the Team Leader for Boulder, CO. Originally from Boston, Tim moved out to Colorado in 2006 to with the hope of gaining experience in the music industry. A 2005 graduate of Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, Tim holds a B.A. in ...

Political Science and a Minor in Music. He has had many years of experience with the concert scene and shares his love of all types of music with his family and friends. He is eager to register and involve as many people in the democratic process as possible.

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Tim ArnoldTim Arnold – TL – Indianapolis, IN

Tim is originally from the great state of New Jersey and though he now calls Indianapolis home, he misses mountains and trees a great deal. Tim taught high school social studies for six years before committing to a career change midstream. Tim is still committed to civics...

and education and it is that drive that brought him to Headcount. Currently he is in grad school for interface design. While he's not signing up voters or in class, Tim can be found either on a bike or on his way to a bike race.

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Artist Relations

Adam ScharbergAdam Scharberg –Artist Relations

Adam Scharfberg joined HeadCount in 2007, through his internship with Consider It Dan. He assisted with a special Headcount benefit concert featuring Bob Weir & Warren Haynes. After graduating from Syracuse University, Adam became a member of the HC Artist Relations team ...

and helped co-facilitate Headcount's partnership with Live Nation venues throughout the country. Adam's artists include Andrew Bird, North Mississippi Allstars, and Dr. Dog.

At Syracuse, Adam was the President of the largest student group on campus, University Union overseeing five hundred members of a budget of over $750,000.  Through his four years a part of the organization, University Union produced events including Kanye West, Fergie, Guster, O.A.R., Vice President Al Gore, Bill Cosby, and many more.  Adam currently works for Charity Folks, the leading online auction venue for non-profits. Adam has helped manage several auctions for Headcount, raising over $75,000 in 2009.

Originally from Abington, PA (outside of Philadelphia), Adam currently
resides in New York City.  He likes music, friends, dirt biking, and Second
Ave Deli.

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Ashley CodianniAshley Codianni – Artist Relations

Ashley Codianni joined HeadCount in 2008 as Northeast Regional Coordinator. After interning at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with Superfly Productions, and MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, she found HeadCount to be the most effective way to integrate politics and live music.

An avid fan of music festivals, she spends her spare time going to shows, seeing friends and exploring. Ashley currently resides in New York City and attends law school at Pace University. She received her B.A in Political Science from Holy Cross in 2007.

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Brian BavosaBrian Bavosa – Artist Relations

Brian Bavosa joined HeadCount in 2006 for the "Midterms Matter Tour”, as a writer for website content and as an active volunteer in the field.  He currently manages artist relations for Particle, Mickey Hart, P-Groove, Lyrics Born, and Steve Kimock. Prior to joining HeadCount, Brian was best known ...

for his contributions as the Northeast's main correspondent for Jambase.com, as well as working for such publications as Rolling Stone, The Inside Connection, Jambands.com, Surrender to the Flow, and many others.  In addition to his volunteer work for HeadCount, Brian works as an Account Executive at MaxIT Staffing, Inc., a recruiting firm in NYC.  Brian managed to fit a little school into his touring schedule, graduating from Fairfield University in 2002, and earning an M.A. in English at SUNY New Paltz in late 2004.  He can usually be found in NYC, but is also rumored to have had at least one P.O. Box somewhere on Page Side at Phish shows.

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register to voteDeanne Herman – Artist Relations

Deanne Herman joined HeadCount in the summer of 2007 and manages artist relations for the bands, Umphrey's Mcgee, moe., O.A.R., Maroon 5, and A.L.O. Deanne (aka SuperDee) is best known for being the backbone and part owner of the popular online music information portal, JamBase.com, since 2000.

Through the years, her JamBase "hats" have included Webmaster and Editor-in-Chief. Now as Creative Director, she is primarily focused on the company's email marketing and design initiatives. Deanne has been on the Board of Directors for the music-inspired environmental non-profit Rock the Earth and continues to participate on their public relations committee. Other philanthropic interests include helping underprivileged kids obtain music and arts education through organizations such as the New Orleans-based KidsmART. Deanne, a true music fanatic at heart, enjoys working closely with artists in a variety of ways including publicity, management, marketing, and now with HeadCount projects. . Originally from Long Island, Deanne traveled to the Midwest for her undergraduate degree at Indiana University. After a stint in Durango, CO, and seven years living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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Peter PillsburyJessica Cortese – Artist Relations

Jessica Cortese joined Headcount in the Spring of 2008. She currently manages artist relations for Nine Inch Nails. An avid music and heavy metal fan Jessica spends most of her time going to shows and spending time with friends and family.

Prior to joining headcount Jessica moved back to NY after obtaining a B.A. from Keene State College in Keene, N.H. for Communication Studies. Jessica started at Relix as an intern and currently works for them as the Advertising Production Manager. She resides on Long Island in NY.

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Sam KatzSam Katz – Artist Relations

Sam Katz joined HeadCount in their inaugural year, 2004, and helped the Boston team register more voters than any other city in the U.S. that summer. After taking a few years off, Sam joined the team again in 2007, as Northeast Field Director and as a member of the HC Artist Relations team.

  Sam has experience in many different facets of the music industry.  He has worked as a Boston venue box office manager, a U.S. national college concert agent for a major booking agency, has done production for many companies/events, and currently owns and operates Almost 30 Productions, a small booking and management firm based out of Boston, MA.  Being a huge hip hop fan himself, currently one of the major projects in Sam's life is working with Boston based hip hop tandem, E.B.B. and F.L.O.W.  Sam enjoys creating music of his own and the ever-rare activity of just sitting around and relaxing.  He graduated Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, in 2000 with a degree in Communications. Originally from Boston, MA, Sam is now criscrossing the country working as a Tour Manager for the Jamie McLean Band and Laura Reed and Deep Pocket.

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Kevin CasselsKevin Cassels – Artist Relations

Kevin Cassels is responsible for artist relations in the burgeoning heavy metal roster for HeadCount. He wrote the most recent edition of the Phish fan biography The Pharmer's Almanac, taking over for founder and current HeadCount co-chair Andy Bernstein in 1999.

He spent the last three years as the drummer for rock band Mother Vinegar, sharing the stage with Umphrey's McGee, Fishbone, Outformation, and others. From 2004-2006, Kevin owned and operated Good Music & Other Stuff, a music store located in downtown Asheville, NC. He is currently the outside sales regional manager for Fastenal, Inc.

Kevin was born in New York City and raised in Atlanta, graduating from Western Carolina University in 1997. He became engaged to his wife Kara at Big Cypress. They currently live in Asheville, NC.

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Liv AndersonLiv Anderson – Artist Relations

Liv Andersen first learned about HeadCount while working for Relix Magazine in 2007. In 2008 she joined the artist relations team, managing The Black Crowes, Music Builds Tour, and Kings of Leon. She embraces the new perspective HeadCount has offered her and looks forward to challenges that lie ahead in 2009.

She is an avid fan of live music, travel, and skiing. Liv is a 2007 Music Industry BA graduate of SUNY College at Oneonta and proud to be a part of HeadCount.

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Shira BielerShira Bieler – Artlist Relations

With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington, Shira has spent her career working at nonprofits at all stages of their organizational development.

She is thrilled to be involved with HeadCount at an exciting time in its growth.  She brings to HeadCount a passion for renewing the natural link between music and activism, as well as expertise in nonprofit management. Prior to coming to HeadCount, Shira developed and ran an after-school program for at-risk youth in East Harlem, and worked as a program director at Generation Schools. A certified yoga instructor, Shira also teaches yoga at several studios in Brooklyn and to private clients in the area. Her passion for the transformative power of yoga is matched only by her passion for music, and her strong belief that the incredible energy at live shows should be harnessed and utilized as a force for social change. She lives in Brooklyn with her family.

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HeadCount New Media

Ian StoneIan Stone – Digital Media

Ian joined headcount in April of 2008 with a strong background in sales, business development, and marketing. A huge music fan, Ian’s been recording shows since the mid 1990’s and has always unconditionally shared his recordings with other fans on the web.

After one of his recordings garnered over 100,000 downloads from archive.org he knew it was time to put these pieces of history to work for a greater good, and decided that HeadCount was the way to do it. Ian helped create HeadCount’s download page with much of his own captured content. Ian graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Photographic Marketing Management and works in sales and marketing in the photography industry. In addition to going to festivals and recording them, Ian enjoys camping in his 1987 Westfalia as well as mountain biking, sailing, and skiing.

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where to register to voteAlex Borsody – Web Design

Alex got involved with Headcount in early 2008.  He came on to lend his technical and creative talents with the web and to help optimize the site for the
2009 elections.  As a web developer by trade, Alex specializes...

in the search and site architecture, he also writes a lot and in his not so spare time is an artist/musician,  a sampling of his work can be found at  www.alexcreativeconsulting.com.  Alex attended Eckerd College, where he graduated with a B.A. in graphic design and in addition received a well rounded liberal arts and scientific training. He is continuing his education, by slowly working on his masters in the field of management information systems.  To add some dimension to his often bland work week Alex dabbles with music journalism and currently contributes to Jambase and Glide’s Hidden Track. He likes to balance the creative and technical and also writes on technology and engineering. Alex was born and raised outside of NYC and now lives amongst the hipsters in Brooklyn, he enjoys writing in the third person.

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Jon PerryJon Perri – Web Editor

Jon first became involved with HeadCount in early 2009 as a volunteer contributor to the blog and couldn't turn down the invitation to serve as Personal Liberty Issues Editor for the organization. Jon went to school at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire...  

where he earned his B.A. in Psychology and became active in campus organizing and lobbying, specifically around drug policy issues. For Jon, HeadCount combines his two favorite things: grassroots activism and live music. 

Currently living in San Francisco, Jon works full time as an outreach director with Students for Sensible Drug Policy. You're likely to find him registering voters with HeadCount's Bay Area team at The Fillmore or getting down at any STS9 show under 100 miles from wherever he may be.

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Lauren ShawWhitney Drechsler – Web Editor

Whitney began working with HeadCount in early 2010 as Editor of the Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Page.  She became involved in order to combine her passions in art, music, law, politics and New Orleans and to reach out to other interested people. Whitney attended undergraduate school at the...

University of Miami, Florida, with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Art History. While in Florida, Whitney gained lots of exposure to the pleasures of the Gulf Coast region. 
Whitney is currently in her last semester of law school in San Diego, CA. Upon graduation she hopes to work for artists, musicians, museums and galleries as a transactional and intellectual property attorney. For fun and enjoyment, Whitney enjoys traveling, attending live music and art shows, playing tennis, and all professional sports.

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Diana CostelloDiana Costello – Digital Media

Diana Costello joined the HeadCount team in 2009 as a contributing blogger and woman behind the scenes of the HeadCountOrg Twitter account. She is a reporter at a daily Gannett newspaper in Westchester County, N.Y., where one of the hats she wears is editor of the Listening Room music blog.

She basically came of age at the Wetlands Preserve in New York City and misses the venue just about every day. Aside from her passion for live music, Diana is all about skiing and snowboarding, cooking delicious food, sipping microbrews and laughing with good friends. She is excited about teaming up with the talented crew at HeadCount to promote positive change – while rocking out in the process!

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Amy VadenAmy Vaden Web Editor

Amy moved with her husband Blake and two dogs, Elvis and Lilly, to Asheville in the fall of 2008 after receiving her graduate degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School.  She received her BA in Environmental Policy...

from The University of the South in Sewanee, TN, in 2004, and lived in Durango, CO for several years before heading to rural VT.  Amy enjoys gardening and 2009 is her first in-town garden experiment.  She is excited to contribute to HeadCount’s Vote with your Actions program, and is thankful that the experience keeps her up to date on Food and Agricultural policy happenings. 

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SteveCorson.jpgSteve Corson – Web Editor

Steve Corson first got involved with Headcount as a graduate student in Virginia, working as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for the 2004 election cycle.  Since then Steve has completed a PhD in Urban Studies, interned for the Office of the Special Advisor...

on Africa at the United Nations Headquarters and now works as a policy analyst for an elected official in New York City.  Combining his passion for international relations and citizen participation in government, Steve has landed back at Headcount as editor of the Human Rights issue page.  When he's not working, Steve enjoys spending time in Washington Heights and catching as many Phish shows as humanly possible. 

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